• Johan Dams


    During his professional career Johan has been involved in hundreds of projects around the world in fields such as embedded systems, software engineering and systems and security. He is a published researcher working in the fields of cryptography and robotics and has over ten years of experience running software teams and managing projects.

    He has been a lecturer at a University in Finland and has been invited to give guest lectures at Universities around the world on topics such as robotics, cryptography, machine vision and learning, software development, software team management and embedded systems and its applications.

    • Location: Helsinki
  • Andy White

    Communications Director

    Andy has more than ten years of experience in sales, marketing and business development, having worked on projects for companies around the world. He has published hundreds of articles on marketing and regularly contributes to a number of marketing and business journals.

    • Location: London
  • Maria Moshnikova

    Charities Director

    Maria is an all-round International Business expert. She has represented major companies in international affairs, especially focusing on the Finnish – Russian market segment.

    She has worked as a professional translator during critical business discussions and has mentored the international cooperation between various universities worldwide. Within this context, she has also been invited to major universities and companies to give guest lectures focusing on cultural differences and challenges when doing business in Russia

    Maria’s role within the foundation is to expand our network of charity partners and coordinate efforts between them and our members.

    • Location: Helsinki
    • Mohsen Saleh

      V.P., Infrastructure

      Mohsen is head of industrial design at WRD systems and works as the foundation’s V.P for infrastructure. Mohsen holds a masters degree in design and engineering from the Politecnico di Milano and oversees several of the foundation’s projects including a forthcoming project focusing on solar power for deployment in developing countries.