Membership of the Technology for Change Foundation is open to any business or individual who shares our goal of making technology available to everyone regardless their circumstances. You can read more about the different membership levels on our membership page, and if you are interested in in joining the foundation please contact us.

Founding Members

WRD Systems WRD Systems provides the infrastructure and technology know-how needed to undertake many of the Foundation’s projects. All projects they undertake are based on large amounts of research, both academic and business oriented. To accomplish this they have a highly diverse range of people in their social network, experts in their fields, upon which they rely to be able to provide them with the latest details of a particular field.
BWR Associates BWR Associates operate a number of brands specializing in marketing, advertising and design. As a founding member of the foundation BWR’s team provide support and advise to our charitable partners as well as co ordinating a number of key internal operations.

Chartered Members

Rehema Home NordiTek is an international company specializing in IT solutions, with a strong base in Open Source software. They focus mostly on North Africa, but bring in competences and experience from all over the world. Their team is instrumental in many of the developments of the Foundation in Algeria and other African nations.

Charitable Members

Rehema Home Located in Kenya, Rehema Home welcomes children with no one else to love or care for them. Orphaned, abandoned, abused, sick or dying: these are the children that find new life at Rehema Home. “Rehema” means mercy in Swahili. More than an orphanage; Rehema Home is a true home supported by a global family, passionate about caring for children and diligent in preparing them for their future.

Expert Members

Raspberry Pi We’ve been using the Rasberry Pi in some projects and we believe the Raspberry Pi to be a key technology for the foundation’s efforts. We are happy to name the Raspberry Pi Foundation an honorary member.
The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK registered charity (Registration Number 1129409). Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
Raspberry Pi Bodhi Linux is a Linux Distribution leveraging the fast, customizable, and beautiful Enlightenment Desktop. We use Bodhi Linux because it offers a fast and modern operating system, even on older hardware. This means we can lower overall hardware cost, or rely on existing infrastructure, without compromises.