The Apollo network is scheduled for launch in July 2013 and aims to provide an interactive social platform where charities and local people around the world can highlight issues that effect their communities and spread their message to a global audience. The platform is currently in the early stages of testing but we are confident we have something very special underway.








Host Africa is a program developed in order to provide web hosting to charitable organisations and students across Africa completely free of charge.

While access to web hosting is generally very affordable for the vast majority of organizations we hope that by making our resources available to them they will be able to spend the savings more effectively in achieving their goals.

If you think your organisation could benefit from the host Africa program just click here for more information







The use of GPS tracking technology to help Alzheimer patients is wide spread in Western countries. This technology however tends to be prohibitively expensive for lower income families or developing countries. Furthermore, import and usage restrictions on GPS tracking technology exists in many countries, slowing down the adoption of this technology.






Basic Programming


One of the core goals of the Foundation is education. Another is the support and promotion of Open Source software. This project combines both. With PC’s running Bodhi Linux and/or Raspberry Pi (TM) systems we set up classrooms and teach students the basics of how a computer works and how one goes about programming one. Programming is an excellent way to develop problem solving skills, and it’s fun at the same time!