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The Technology for Change Foundation is a not for profit organisation established to promote access to a broad spectrum of technologies across the developing world. The majority of the foundation’s work involves supplying support and advise to educational and charitable organisations in order to support and enhance their existing work as well as developing new solutions to meet their evolving needs.

“You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who can do nothing for them”. —Paul Eldridge.

Our aim in establishing the foundation is to enable us to combine and coordinate the resources of our members with minimal overhead and bureaucracy in order to effectively assist those in need. Our goal is to further access to technology across the developing world and look into ways to support those who are working to improve the lives of people in those countries. One thing that sets us apart from other organisations is that we aim to support not just good causes, but also the charities, schools, NGO’s and anyone else who is working towards improving conditions world wide.

Sustainability is at the heart of much of our work. Our aim is always to work with local communities and organisations to develop something that will last beyond our initial involvement. The principle is a simple one: we can build a solution to help people or we can teach them how to build it themselves and allow them to provide support and employment for their communities for years to come.

The foundation works to promote the use of open source software in order to increase access to software in areas of the world where license fees are an unaffordable luxury. We never just give people technology; we make it a priority to provide education so people can use technology effectively to improve their lives. With  an emphasis on education, we also aim to help younger generations understand the benefits technology can bring them.

To learn more about these services and to see your organisation qualifies, please see our projects page.

Membership of the foundation is open to any company or individual who shares our goal of extending access to technology to those in need. Details on joining the foundation can be found on our members page. The foundation is supported by our members and a number of generous donors. If you would like to help us achieve our goal of extending access to technology across the developing world you can make a donation to our development fund using the link below.

You can also send your donations using Bitcoin to: 14DFWq8a8hHiqC19MsttQPko9be93vwfQY
Or using Litecoin to: LMwz2mZYMFnfTygx6GkdKdpUE2QKQrwiQw